História e Missão

History and Mission

The physical and sports activities at USP was initiated through the act of the then Rector Miguel Reale (Ordinance 1661 GR 29.11.71) which imposed by the Sports Division Coordinator of Health and Social Care (Coseas). With the extinction of the Sports Division, the Sports Center of the University of São Paulo was created – CEPEUSP (Resolution 659 of 21/05/75), in order to plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate physical activity, sports students, faculty, staff and their dependents.

The current infrastructure CEPEUSP, now affectionately called Cepê by the most frequent regulars, owes much to the Pan American Games in 1975 that would be held in São Paulo. With the need to increase the supply of facilities resources emerged  for the construction of indoor courts, the velodrome and stadium, all within the Olympic standards of the time, but the games did not happen here due to a meningitis outbreak occurred in 1974. The Athletics Lane, inaugurated on October 21, 1972, was renovated and reopened on June 8, 2013.


To offer the university sommunity physical education programs, sports, recreation and oportunities for volunteer practice on physical activities, aimed at well being, at  improvement of quality of life and its integration, extending to the outside community whenever possible.